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Indoor Air Quality Testing:
Mold occurs most often in moist and damp areas. It is most common in the crawl space, basement, and in areas where there has been some type of rainwater leak from a roof penetration, moisture intrusion, or plumbing leak. If mold is not visible, but there is a musty or moldy odor, then the mold contamination may be hidden in the duct work,wall cavities, ceiling cavities, attic space, or behind sink vanities and furniture. 

Mold has the potential to cause health problems and even male a home uninhabitable. However, everyone is affected differently when in contact with mold. The mold that may not bother the seller may severely affect the buyer. Some mold can produce allergens, irritants, and in some cases, potential toxic chemical substances known as mycotoxins. 

Comprehensive Home Inspections can sample the air in these areas using a Micro-5 cassette to determine the intensity of the mold contamination, its type, toxicity, and any health implications. The laboratory analysis will include a detailed summary and and explanation of each mold identified. Procedures to eliminate the mold contamination will be part of the inspection and analysis. Most mold testing and analysis can be accomplished for approximately $175.00 to $475.00. 

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