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A home inspection is a visual evaluation of the systems and components of a house at the time of the inspection. 

Our detailed reports, will include approximately 50 to 70 photos and possibly more depending upon the condition of the house. In each photo the defect will be described, evaluated, and possible repair remedies will be listed providing valuable information that the homeowner and prospective buyers need to make informed decisions. 

Whether a house is brand new or decades old, a home inspection is a valuable investment. 

Types of Inspections:
HomeAbout UsServicesTop 16 Home DefectsGallery MoldContact Us

Pre-Sale Inspection: This inspection is for the current homeowner of a property who wants to know the present condition of their property, and use the inspection report to prepare their home for sale.

End of Warranty Inspection: These inspections are typically undertaken near the end of the first year of occupancy. A homeowner can then submit a list of repairs to the builder before the expiration of the home warranty.

Construction of New Home Inspections: This type of inspection usually involves a series of at least 2 inspections throughout the construction process of a new home. 

Commercial Inspections: Any type of commercial building ranging in size from a townhouse office to a small sized shopping center. 

Yearly maintenance inspection: Recommended to identify any unknown issues before they escalate and cause costly repairs. 


  • Mold Testing and Analysis - Indoor air quality.
  • Water testing for Coliform Bacteria, Lead, Nitrates, Nitrites, and E-coli.
  • Radon gas testing.